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How is child support calculated?

Children have the right to receive support from their mother and father and this right is not lost when one parent leaves the home or when the parents get divorced. When children do not receive child support, they suffer emotionally and physically. Their basic needs are not met, they experience a reduced standard of living, and they are more inclined to become non-supportive when they have children of their own.

In Oklahoma, child support is calculated using the gross income of both parents along with any medical insurance premium being paid by one parent, and the actual child care expenses being paid to the child care provider.

  • This information along with any other information that is required under the law is used in the calculation of support under the child support guidelines.
  • The information is computed to determine the monthly child support obligation that the noncustodial parent is supposed to pay.

In Oklahoma, only a judge has the ability to order that child support is to be paid. If after the administrative hearing before an administrative law judge, you do not agree with the administrative order entered that establishes or enforces a child support order, you have the right to appeal the order to the district within 30 days.

Child Support Modifications

It is not uncommon for circumstances to change for either parent over time. When there has been a significant change in circumstances, then a parent has the right to petition the court for a modification to their support payments. Providing the most recent order was not issued within the past 12 months and your case has not been reviewed during that time, you can petition the court for a modification.

Financial affidavits are sent to both parties and used to determine whether or not the child support should be modified. If the calculated support amount differs 10% from the existing support order, then the order will be modified whether the change is an increase or a decrease.

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